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San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Furnished house for rent

US$500 per month or 400EUROS Please contact John Haviland, +1.760.634.6609 (USA)



Sunny living room, south facing windows, pottery fireplace



Adjoining kitchen, with gas stove, small refrigerator



Study, and hallway, with west facing window to patio and carport



Master bedroom with small pottery fireplace, wood floor, lots of storage space, view to south



Second bedroom with single bed, desk, bookshelves, window onto garden, bathroom with shower



Enclosed patio with carport



Large, enclosed back garden, with nopales, fruit trees



Panoramic views of Guadalupe church, valley of San Cristóbal 



Washing machine, water heater, water tank in back garden


US$500 per month or 400 EURO Please contact John Haviland, +1.760.634.6609 (USA)